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Sales Ally CRM Solution

Sales Ally CRM is a powerful marketing tool that helps sales professionals open new accounts, gather prospects, do transacdtions and manage the details of customer relationships. Sales Ally is one of the few contact managers that is geared specifically for the sales professional. Sales Ally was developed for the sales professional who wanted to spend less time on organization and daily office procedures and more time actually selling their products. The application provides unlimited flexibility in record management. Detailed and accurate information is available instantaneously to better serve client, prospect and clerical or managerial needs. Sales Ally gives you the power you need to quickly execute your best sales and marketing strategies. Put the power of Sales Ally on your computer and watch your business grow.

"We help sales professionals be successful

in the world's greatest business; helping

people grow their business, keeping details

from falling through the cracks, and preparing

for a rich and early retirement".

James Scherrer, President and Founder 
Scherrer Resources, Inc., Developers of the popular Sales Ally CRM Software

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Industry Recognition and Accolades

PC Magazine: Editor’s Choice Award!   “Sales Ally is

full featured and powerful, but gives you the power

to work the way you want.”

Mobile Office Magazine: Annual Award Winner!

“Sales Ally is a true world class performer.”

INFO World, Review Board

“Sales Ally was one of the most powerful software

packages we tested. We rate it a good value.”


PICO Laptops and Portables:   “Sales Ally may define the next frontier in the application of computer systems, particularly laptops, to marketing efforts by the individual sales professional.”


Business Marketing Magazines: “Surprisingly compact! The program was superbly fast! It almost seemed that searches and sorts happened faster than my entries of commands to perform them.”


Home Office Computing Magazine: “One of the heavyweights… Easy to use and easy to customize.”


Inbound/Outbound Mag: “Sales Ally can speed you through your mundane work & back to selling.”

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